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Book Two of the Aesir Trilogy

Here goes. As I am waiting for my proof readers to get back to me with their suggestions on The World's Twilight, which is the first book in my Aesir trilogy, I decided that I would get on with writing the really rough first draft of The Shadows of the Night, which is going to be book two of the trilogy. I'm actually proud of myself, as I have managed to get the really rough first draft scribbled down and then typed up in about three months. Okay, it's nowhere near being in any state for anyone to read it, but still. So, I'm currently working on getting it into some sort of shape before I send it off to be read by my lovely bunch of proof readers. The editing process is definitly harder than it looks and I always have to resist them temptation of doing nothing more than hanging out on sites like Facebook.

I am also starting to write The Dawn's Fire (books 3). If I carry on at this rate, I will be written the first drafts of all three books in the trilogy and made serious headway into the editing of said novels, all within an 18 month period. Yeah, I know, I should really get myself a life, but writing is proving to be too enjoyable. A lot of hard work still lies ahead, but I will keep fighting the good fight. Maybe, one of these days I will get there.


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