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Book Two of the Aesir Trilogy

Here goes. As I am waiting for my proof readers to get back to me with their suggestions on The World's Twilight, which is the first book in my Aesir trilogy, I decided that I would get on with writing the really rough first draft of The Shadows of the Night, which is going to be book two of the trilogy. I'm actually proud of myself, as I have managed to get the really rough first draft scribbled down and then typed up in about three months. Okay, it's nowhere near being in any state for anyone to read it, but still. So, I'm currently working on getting it into some sort of shape before I send it off to be read by my lovely bunch of proof readers. The editing process is definitly harder than it looks and I always have to resist them temptation of doing nothing more than hanging out on sites like Facebook.

I am also starting to write The Dawn's Fire (books 3). If I carry on at this rate, I will be written the first drafts of all three books in the trilogy and made serious headway into the editing of said novels, all within an 18 month period. Yeah, I know, I should really get myself a life, but writing is proving to be too enjoyable. A lot of hard work still lies ahead, but I will keep fighting the good fight. Maybe, one of these days I will get there.

Web Site Joy and the Writing Continues

Okay, I set up a website for myself the other week using Wix.com. It was running fine and was easy enough to set up, but I've been trying to get back on in order to try and up-date the site, only to find that the Wix site appears to have crashed and I can't access my account. If this keeps happening, I will definitly have to look else where in order to set up a site.

Well, other than that, I have managed to get even more inspiration for the second book in the Aesir trilogy. I know that I am supposed to be working on the editing of the first book in the trilogy, I am also trying to write down all that I can of the second and third book. At least, that way, if and when the trilogy is accepted for publication, I won't have to rush the other two books and I can just focus on the editing. Well, if I'm accepted for publication.

Poetry Collection

Just a wee up-date. I had been speaking to a friend of mine the other day and she made the brilliant suggestion that I should up-load a poetry collection onto the Kindle page on Amazon. Well, I've taken her up on her suggestion and I have now uploaded a short poetry collection to the website and it went live this morning. It's called Goddess of the Night and even though most of the poems have been published in magazines, they have never appeared together in a collection, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I would like to see it do well, but I know that it is difficult to get anywhere in the poetry world. The collection itself can be found at -


Ideas For More Novels

I should really be focusing all of my attention on getting the first novel of my Aesir series up to scratch and ready to be sent off to publishers, but I can't stop myself from thinking of and coming up with ideas for other novels. When I really look at it, I went from starting to write one trilogy about this time last year, to writing two trilogies by the summer of last year, coming up with the idea for a third trilogy just last night. Seriously, I must be a glutton for punishment. Well, I should really look at it, that at least I know that I will be keeping myself busy for the next few years.

Don't worry, what ideas that I do have for the two trilogies that I'm not working on just now will be getting scribbled down into a writer's journal, which is never far from my side. I do wonder how I can go from having no ideas for years, to having too many ideas to be working on at the one time? I have also promised my best friend that I will try to come up with ideas for a project that we can work on together. Sometimes, I really do not think that I'm right in the head. But, it keeps me entertained. I would say that it keeps me out of trouble, but that wouldn't necessarily be true.

Well, I should really get back to writing and editing. Lets just hope that the muses are kind.

Facebook Page

I know have a Facebook page. Yeah, it's all in the hope of getting the word out there and getting people interested in the first place. It will be filled with quick updates on my progress with my novels, as well as what I am doing. Don't worry, I certainly will not be neglecting this page.

I can be found at -



Well, I knew from the start that it was nothing more than a simple publicity stunt for the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, but over the past few days and weeks, the merest idea that today was Ragnarok (the Viking apocalypse) appeared to have swept the internet, taking a few people along with it. Well, it is now nearly midnight and the 22nd of February, 2014 is drawing to a close here in Scotland. The sun and the moon have not been eaten by wolves, Fenrir is still bound and so is his father (Loki). I'm sure that I will be long gone, sitting in the hall of either Bragi or Saga, enjoying horns of mead and telling stories before Ragnarok even begins. Lets all enjoy life and not worry about how it's all going to end. Life's too short in the first place!


The Past Year

Looking back on the past year, I'm guessing that I should feel some sort of pride. My writing had been more or less none existant since I left university in 2005, but it was about this time last year that I made the decission that, as I have wanted to be a writer since as long as I can remember, I should actually get serious about it, get off my arse and actually get some writing done. I came up with the idea for The World's Twilight, started to write it and it developed into a trilogy. Then my friend and I challenged each other to write a book for each other. That now appears to have developed into a trilogy as well. So, both books have been written, I'm now in the process of editing the both of them. I am getting plenty of help from some of my friends who are reading both books and giving me feed back on what I should change, keep in, or get rid of.

It is my main ambition that both of these trilogies will get published. I know that achieving the success of people like JK Rowling, Stephen King or George R.R Martin is rare, but to be able to make at least something from my writing would be amazing. Well, once more into the breach, dear friends. I should really leave this here, get back to the task at hand and actually get some editing done.

First Entry

Okay, here goes. I'm a writer who is in the process of writing two trilogies at the moment. The first two books in both trilogies have been written, but I am now in the joyful process of editing them. A good friend of mine made the suggestion that I should come on here, so, here I am.

A little about myself then. My name is Claire Casey and I'm from Scotland. I'm a qualified archaeologist and I have spent over four years working in archaelogy, but I have always had this insane dream of becoming a novelist. I have spent many years dabbling, writing both poetry and prose, but it sort of fell by the way side once I left university. That was until this time last year, when I decided that I should take my writing more seriously. Since then, I now have two books written and both are slowly making their way towards being ready for publication.

In my spare time, I am a member of the Glasgow Vikings Re-enactment Society. This has involved me taking part in a wide variety of shows, including Scotland's Festival of History and the Largs Viking Festival. As well as being interested in the history, archaeology and mythology of the Norse (Vikings), I am also a keen archer. I have a preference for traditional forms of bows, especially the longbow.

I will be having some of my work up soon for your enjoyment.